Felix Plazek

feeling you / Therapy

Date: 27.10.2016


Artist: Felix Plazek


Freiburg's gift to Hamburg Felix Plazek starts with the first release on Heimatliebe called "Feeling You Therapy". "Feeling You Therapy" is a 2-track single including the same named tracks "Feeling You" and "Therapy". Both tracks are filled with melodic synthesizers and pounding percussions, which can be found here and there in the experimental off-beat, and perfect for all occasions. "Therapy" starts as the first of the two tracks with a powerful percussion pattern, which brings sleepy legs to move again. Through various arpeggiator and a warm bassline, the track turns into a slightly impulsive and dreamy musical delicacy. "Feeling You" catches up where "Therapy" has left us: the small dark club, at 5 am before the lights go on. A perfect ending to every melodic set!