Date: 03.07.2020


Artist: Smilla

Adapter EP


The Offenburg DJ and producer Smilla has always played idiosyncratic techno, which is characterized by his character. His Adapter EP includes four energetic techno tracks. Driving basses and swirling hi-hats define Smilla's sound. Adapter as opener comes along as a suspenseful offensive with swirling hi hats and a dark bassline and swaying two-dimensional sounds. Blue Egal impresses with its purposeful movement, which is amplified by the kick. Pointed claps and percussions round off the track. On the third track Drumfire the clear kick in combination with the flat bass produces an energetic sound image, which builds up a charged atmosphere due to its dry synths. Daydream as the closing track of the EP also has the driving character that the whole EP has, but due to the playful percussions and the atmospheric melody it has an almost hypnotic effect. We are happy to release this work by Smilla on Heimatliebe!