Pirmin Kenk


Date: 31.07.2020


Artist: Pirmin Kenk

Melt EP


Primin Kenk is a producer from the Freiburg underground. With his first ep for the Heimatliebe label, he takes us to lonely shores of electronic music, where you get a feeling of wholeness and peace. One dreams without losing the reason.

With his opener "Ancient" he enters tenderly and provides with soft percussions and beautiful synthesizers a light and flowing feeling for the listener. Despite the variety and the self-created elements "Ancient" is hypnotizing and very special in its gracefulness. The result is a very special sound, which despite its playfulness doesn't lose a certain structure.

"Ember" gets into the action with its clean kick in a completely different way. Single notes make you curious about what's coming. Mystical and playful by synthesizers, which vary in length and effect and create an exciting sound pattern, this track still never loses its unagitated vibe. It's easy to let go and surrender.

With "Second Island" there is a deep feeling of flying from the very beginning. Due to soft melodies and synthesizers, which radiate a touch of 80s, the track feels familiar despite its extraordinary arrangement. Floating and grounded, an ambivalence that is hard to describe with words.

"Silver" enters with two-dimensional sounds that waft through the room and quickly develop a nice drive through percussions and kicks. As soon as the melody replaces it, a feeling of lightness sets in, which stands in a tense relationship to the subliminal wafting effects. Here, too, the arrangement is successful and eludes the learned regularity of electronic music. "Silver" feels like the gentle dawn that catches up with you over the roofs of the city.