Mandibula feat. Julian Barazutti


Date: 28.08.2020


Artist: Mandibula feat. Julian Barazutti

Sofasurfer EP


Mandibula can be described as the local hero of the border triangle. His bandwidth ranges from rumbling Darktech to playful melodies in combination with groovy beats. With his new Deephouse Melodic EP "Sofasurfer" he once again puts a lot of momentum into the box and brings us some new favorite tracks.

"Keep It Down" is a project he realized with Julian Barazutti. A lot happens in this funky deephouse piece. Already the first claps hint at a playful yet driving song. With well thought-out accents this piece spirals up in a natural and yet exciting way and brings the listener to the breaks in a very entertaining way. Sounds and percussions that spiral up and rotate from the depths and a melody that pulls you right into the action make "Keep It Down" a deep house track with a lot of soul and mind.

"E.F.A." starts with a gripping bassline that echoes slightly muffled and makes you feel like you have to move your legs right now. A slightly gloomy vibrating Moog Bass, rhythmically enforcing claps and a playful melody mix together and let you discover something new in every sequence. The special thing about this track is that it never seems overloaded despite many variables and is always coherent. Exciting and yet calm, ambivalent and at the same time harmonic, groovy and yet always driving forward, that's how "E.F.A." can be described.

With "E.F.A. Mandibula shows once again who is the master of the deephouse melody. 

"Sofasurfer" has something very spherical from the beginning. Light claps and a clear kick are laid over the ethereal, plane sounds. The melody has a minimalist touch, so that the surfaces always come into their own. Mandibula also incorporates small gimmicks here, sometimes you are not sure if it is a strongly transformed vocal or an effect. Through clear bells and harmonic synthesizers the song creates a special energy, which can't be categorized properly, but immediately casts a spell on you. So "Sofasurfer" harmonizes with the vibe of the whole EP and invites you to dream and lets you dream of deserted beaches, no matter where you are.