Ron Feller


Date: 25.09.2020


Artist: Ron Feller

Avior EP


Since the late 90s Ron Feller is part of the local scene. As resident and organizer in the club "Garage" he could make a name for himself with his event series "Synchro". Residencies at the Zeitgeistfestival and the Culteum Club (Karlsruhe) follow.

Since 2017, he has dedicated himself entirely to producing and delivers a harmonious EP with "Avior".

"Avior" is a special piece of electronic music. With a technoid touch, this house track has many playful elements, which are framed by two-dimensional sounds and recurring synths. The bassline is unagitated, claps give accents. 

The song builds up in a natural way and drives nicely without being obtrusive. Feller knows how to play with the listener, to give him something to hold on to and to pull something back again.

 From the middle of the running time on, the whole work "blossoms" and completes the sound picture by an interplay of all the elements shown before. An exotic sounding vowel gives the first and proverbial "Goosebumps". "Avior" is a song that makes you feel the lightness of life.

Rhythmic drums and mystical sounds introduce "Coropuna", the second track of this EP. An arc of tension begins, which at first only holds its line with a bassline and soft percussions. In the course of time it gains in depth, different drums mix with a flat melody and sounds that give a hint of something exotic. 

This sound creates the illusion of being in the middle of a jungle and listening to the sounds of this fantastic biotope.