Ray Cuement

Sphere EP

Date: 11.12.2020


Artist: Ray Cuement

Remixer: Timo Shower

Sphere EP


 We are starting into the winter time. Suitably to it also a new EP on Heimatliebe Records will be released this month. We are happy to present you the new EP by Ray Cuement - Sphere! Timo Shower delivers a straight techno Remix from „Sphere“. Ray Cuement - Forever With straight Base, "Forever" starts and takes the listener into the action right from the start. Filigree whispering lets one sense that an epic event is about to happen. The first break finally creates the space and rolls over the bridge to finally carry us away completely. What remains are the organs, which are distorted and bland, but always change their character and tell a story. So this track seems round and coherent throughout. What story becomes clear when the beginning is reflected in the end. It is the never ending story of perfection. Ray Cuement - Sphere Wafting and sounding, it creates an atmosphere that makes you think of something intergalactic. The Hi-Hats are constantly pushing forward, which emphasizes his energy and immediately moves you to the dance floor. The breaks give room to breathe, you can feel the next wave rolling in on the horizon, feel its pull. The broken acid sounds that shine through give this piece its very special character. This track is made of the material that moves the masses and understands the spirit. Ray Cuement - Sphere (Timo Shower Remix) As usual from Timo Shower, the remix of Sphere clearly bangs forward. The Precise Kick in connection with the groovy percussions goes one step further. Some of the original elements are skillfully processed so that it is clearly the little brother of the Original can be recognized.