Aaren San

Black Forest EP

Date: 29.01.2021


Artist: Aaren San

Black Forest EP


Aaren San is a German producer and techno DJ. As a rebellious teenager in the 90s he discovered his love for music - the energy that keeps and gives music. Music that can be so incredibly different in its many forms. Music that lets you discover an open space, no matter how loud it may be.

After the turbulent year 2020, we are now all the more pleased to present Aaren Sand's latest EP on our label, Heimatliebe Records, and thus to start the new year 2021 with this great soundtrack!

"Black Forest" comes massive and with a very own touch. Playful synths and fresh melodies string together and let you discover something new in every bar.

The wide range of sounds makes the listener's ears prick up and, with eyes closed, dive into a film that is brimming with diversity.

The track spirals higher, in such a pure matter of course, which we are only too happy to follow.

"Black Forest" takes us on a journey into unexplored territory, awakens the adventurer in us and leads us into this work with a mixture of anticipation and reverence.

"Black Forest" comes from the hand of Oliver Sylo quite differently. In the intro he takes more time to tease the listener. Because what he hears builds up tension and makes you want more.

In this version "Black Forest" has a completely different basic character. It captivates with its lightness and pulls us along into the heights.

With his fine feeling for emotions Sylo succeeds in creating a sound picture that gives a feeling of home and security.

"Autumn Rain" has something very spherical from the beginning. The rattles in combination with a soft melody, crisp claps and a playful bassline seem very wide and open.

In your mind you are sitting on the volcano of an island, the sun shines slightly through the clouds and warms your face.

With the first break the rain sets in and you feel the power of nature and its forces.

This track opens your ears, calms your thoughts and drives you higher and higher on a wave of well-being. The beginning vocals are accompanied by long synths, preparing for the next wave, which hits us with a tremendous energy. This energy catalyzes itself and in the last part combines all elements to an atmospheric sound picture, which screws itself deeply into the ear and leaves the fantasy blossom.