Bee Lincoln & Thomas Klipps

Spacekraft EP

Date: 26.02.2021


Artist: Bee Lincoln & Thomas klipps

Spacekraft EP


 Bee Lincoln & Thomas Klipps have teamed up and we are proud to announce that their Spacekraft EP is out on Heimatliebe Records! Bee Lincoln has several faces in the underground scene as a passionate DJ, producer, label owner, event manager and author. He has his roots in the Southwest of Germany, near the Swiss border. Here he started his career at open-air parties before playing his first club gig in 2000. In the meantime, he has been DJing for almost two decades, now lives in Berlin and since 2017 has been the Label owner of "as". He has played all over the world, on pretty much every continent and celebrated his music together with the world at legendary festivals like Fusion. At Lincolns stylist versatile influenced from the techno and house scene, and possesses a groovy cutting edge sound that is out of this world. Born and raised up in north Germany, Thomas Klipps learned of his love for electronic music through his circle of friends. He quickly found his way to the turntables himself and, despite the digital age, learned analog djing with vinyl from scratch. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern he had his first club gigs, before he moved to southern Germany. In his new base, Freiburg, he soon played at the cult club Driftens and the Hans-Bunte-Areal and after that nearly all over Europe. His sound is in the realm of deep, groovy techno mixed with old school minimal techno. So he create his own vision of minimal deep/tech. He has also been producing his own work since 2018, with his debut released on Heimatliebe Records in 2018. "Spacekraft" is full of energy. The minimalist track impresses with the clear line, which holds course, but is never boring. Quite the opposite! It is bursting with groove and surprising sounds and percussions. Playful hi-hats and stylistically set sounds, which seem partly industrial, partly spherical take us on a journey into unknown worlds. The track moves outside of space and time, the promising whisper promises us adventure. Minimalistic, groovy, edgy - "Spacekraft" unites all this in itself and lets us dream of dancefloors, long nights and sunrises. The second track on the EP is called "The One." Similar to the name, the sound also suggests that seemed to unite this track something. And that is without a doubt the uniqueness of these two artists. The track takes us deep into a world that always lures us here with quiet tones and distorted voices - to then take us with its drive directly into the union of minimal, house and techno. In its dynamics it is innovative, never predictable. The groovy bassline gives the unmistakable drive and makes us instantly nod our heads.