Marius M.

In Time EP

Date: 26.03.2021


Artist: Marius M.

In Time EP


Marius M. is a producer by trade. And exclusively. The talent comes from the Ortenau and has for his tender age of early twenties already a style that makes some of his older colleagues turn green with envy even after decades in the studio. We are happy to announce that the exceptional talent will release this month on Heimatliebe Records and are looking forward to your feedback! In Time is the first track of this release and it comes driving and light-footed. The bassline is rather restrained. The track draws its magic from the interplay of thrumming percussions and long sirens that come together to create a harmonious interplay. In Time seems like a swirling merry-go-round, breathed sounds flow in and our heads nod along instantaneously. The fast rhythm cools down in between, then picks up and starts attacking again with single tone sequences and deep horns. This builds up tension, which is discharged in the middle - all elements join together in full swing and the hats, claps and melodics rush in on us. At the end the track fades out pleasantly and shows again how beautifully the individual elements work together. A successful start for the March release! Decisions comes along more groovy from the beginning. The dry bassline is complemented by rattles and bongos. Something seems to lure us, to want to draw closer. Distorted, gloomy sounds waft up like fog. Playful percussions mix in and give one a gloomy, cosy feeling. Something is coming towards us. In the next moments it becomes clear what it is. Before the first drop then the vocal, supported by reverb and distortion she takes us into the vortex. The male voice sounds like adventure, promising and sexy. In the last third Decisions picks up speed again and shows us the qualities of this track. And it becomes clear where it pulls us - straight towards the dancefloor. Unagitated, excitingly harmonic - with Decisions Marius M. once again shows what he can do as a producer. A bouncing, deep, slightly muffled bass is surrounded by rattling sounds. Mystical voices lift to a melody. One feels transported to another environment, the clear voices flood the ears and get us ready for the first drop. With deep horns this one drives powerfully forward. High notes as scenic effects set highlights. Taurus lets us dive into a magical world, a story arises in front of the inner eye. One feels like in a strange world, the claps start and a mixture of gong and horn is underlaid with the m voices - a short break and we plunge down the river of sounds together into ecstasy. We go on a journey into unknown realms and a fantastic feeling of boundlessness overcomes us.