The Badgers


Date: 30.04.2021


Artist: The Badgers

Remixer: Anina Owly, Julan Barazutti



The latest Heimatliebe record release is an official cooperation between Freiburg residents Anina Owly and the French duo "The Badgers". The EP is, as the title says, a homage to Freiburg in a dark and wicked minimal style. The Badgers - Freiburg Moody, minimalistic, dark - thats how the production of the two Frenchmen comes across. Already after seconds you feel like in a movie, drawn into the Freiburg underground. The clay stands out, single percussions flash. A melody slowly begins to creep up our spines, giving us pleasantly warm shivers of anticipation. The vocals consist of the individually accented letters of the track name "F.R.E.I.B.U.R.G." and speaks entirely to the appreciation of this wonderful city. A unique piece of music that plays our home, the dance floors of this city, right back into our hearts. Machinery comes across as snappier and more energetic. Ticking, clicking and other industrial sounds give us the feeling of standing in the middle of a well running clockwork. This gives the track a nice structure, driving forward movements determine the character of this track. Delicate tones in the spaces in between create a wonderful polarity to the hard machine- like sounds and make Machinery all the more exciting. With Machinery, The Badgers show just how much finesse goes into their productions. This track comes like a loaded gun, energetic, driving and sexy. Julian Barazutti's version of Freiburg comes across as mellow. The arpeggio-inspired melody wobbles along evenly and quietly in the background, while the percussion peeks playfully and curiously around the corner. Thus, the track builds upward like a spiral until it takes an artful pause in the middle. After a brief moment of silence, the melody screws back in and with it a letter. The F stands for Freiburg, for the minimal of the city. Everyone knows immediately what is meant. The track continues to pull its tracks, which slowly lead us to the outro. Julian Barazutti's interpretation of Freiburg shows how versatile and also soulful Freiburg is. Anina Owly's remix starts groovy and light. She stays true to her minimalist style, working with claps and rhythm changes. In contrast to the original, this version comes across very light-footed and playful. The vocals are washed out, arrive with a time delay and have a character all their own that stands out from the other versions. The track picks up speed significantly from the half and suddenly seems more powerful, more raw. A story emerges in front of our inner eye, a light flow in the prelude turns into a driving track to which we directly want to move our legs towards the dance floor. The percussions and melo become darker until the track ends abprubt and leaves us only one longing: more of it!