Hermann Hesse


Date: 28.05.2021


Artist: Hermann Hesse

Remixer: David Sellers

Limerence EP


On this release we are very happy to have new works from our Hermann Hesse. Saudade and Liemrence are tracks you havent heard in this style for a long time and yes, actually missed. Crisp techno with rousing tech house influences. In addition, he has teamed up with David Seller, who shows us once again who he really is with his mix of Limerence. A virtuoso who does his very own thing with "Comic Techno". Limerence is the track that forces you to dance. Once again Hesse shows his skills impressively. The percussions are loose and increase slowly, the background is wafting. One gets the involuntary feeling of approaching a dance floor where it is boiling. The bass rolls on, giving itself the her of a double time and a female vocal announces the beginning of the spectacle. The bass is deep and rich, taking up exactly the space it needs. Light hihats are mixed in by synths and from behind you notice the vocal. It fades in, becomes clearer and reminds of a damn good dance number. The first break kicks in, wonderfully playful. Not to give too much away - let Limerence melt in your ear canal and experience the energy that is in here. Small spoiler - the melancholy after full dancefloors and shared nights increases not insignificantly. The version by David Sellers comes across as gloomy. More reverb, even more depth, jagged claps. A melody moves in, like a soft ray of light that briefly illuminates the night through the door of the darkest dancefloor. The vocal takes less space, but is perfectly accentuated set, seems almost spherical. Selters knows perfectly how to drag the synths - just before the brute bass kicks in and takes it all. Just like Hesses original, this remix is a candidate to show us the power music has over our minds. Personally, I'd say listen to the track and feel closer to rave than you have in ages. Dynamic, dark, punchy - David Sellers delivers us a true underground masterpiece with his "Limerence". Saudade is very different from Limerence in terms of energy, but still shows us what's moving Hesse right now. A classic, strong, 4-to-the-floor bassline, a fairy-like female voice here and there. Synths that remind us a bit of the 90s. A bit more angular and edgy than Limerence, Saudade comes along, until in the first break a light melody absofts the thrumming sounds a bit. The next wave beckons, single bass beats make us wait longingly. This track works in one, taking us on a journey to rawness. And it is in this pure, raw spirit that beauty is found. Saudade is honest, powerful, direct. Needs no games and gives exactly what a good techno track needs. A bass that controls the heartbeat and details that enchant our minds.