Floating Prism


Date: 25.06.2021


Artist: Floating Prism



With "Urgewalt" Floating Prism brings us a special work. Meldodic Techno with a storytelling that is second to none. Here Floating Prism combines melodies, percussions, rhythms and synths to an adventure of the extraterrestrial kind. Urgewalt brings us what the title suggests. Clean edges, clean accents and a happening rich in detail. With its flair for harmonies, Floating Prism knows how to weave the melody into the bar structure in a way that creates a harmonic dialectic. An exciting combination of different rhythms and sound images. Urgewalt brings us a raw sense of veracity, but is anything but blunt. Finely honed nuances fade in and out, melodies are sometimes overlaid by percussion and then submerge again. A special piece that varies the bridge between clarity and attention to detail. We move into alien spheres. „Mondgestein“ draws us into the infinite expanses. With a loose bassline, supported by extraterrestrial sound effects, a feeling of extraterristic is created. The distorted synths and melodic passages alternate in an exciting game, telling us a story that we want to follow captivated. „Mondgetein“ has its very own magic, combining melody, minimalism and versatility. Floating Prism - Meteroit We enter with a powerful bassline. A muffled synth in the background accompanies us. Percussion flickers in like the trajectory of a traveling star. A sound reminiscent of a radar gives us the touch of adventure weve always been looking for. The tension rises with the break and the soundscape changes significantly. Meteorite is a unique sound that is hard to put into words. Without changing the tempo much, here takes out and in one element after another, creating an effect of the greatest variety, without seeming restless or cluttered.