Martin Katrinski

Nothing Is Forever

Date: 30.07.2021


Artist: Martin Katrinski

Nothing Is Forever


Nothing is forever. Life is finite and we are travelers on this path. Martin Katrinskis musical history is characterized by mutation and transformation. This is what his music has in common with the concept of life itself. The death of a loved one some time ago inspired him to the title of the album. The realization that nothing is forever, that we are all mortal and that life is transient, is one that is reflected in many spiritual and also philosophical teachings. And reminds us again and again to use our time wisely, to dedicate it to love and our own path. And to enjoy every moment that presents itself to us on this journey. On his new album he lets the music speak for itself and takes apart the construct of deep-, tech- and electro-house - and puts it together to a masterpiece. Harmony-needy, melodious on the one hand, he goes with the message yet very deep and also illuminated the painful sides of earthly existence. Through the bass-heavy his works have the perfect thrust and put the body in vibration. The dance floor calls with every beat. Gentleness, coupled with a hint of the dark and abysmal sides. Thus Katrinksi deals with the process of being in a tense way. Supported by the magic of the singer CASU he creates a profound, life-affirming work. Laughing and crying, goosebump moments and a feeling of infinite freedom and love of life set in when the sounds of this album ring out. An energy, as if not of this world, lets souls float and unites earthly sounds with divine being. Versatile, powerful and simply beautiful. Thank you Martin Katrinksi, for this extraordinary work, which may be understood as a declaration of love to life.