Mohican Nights

Date: 24.09.2021


Artist: Amodiak

Mohican Nights


Take Me Back brings us the vibe we need in the summer. Alex Lauthals discovered his passion in his childhood, which accompanies him until today. From making music with instruments he came to producing electronic music where he feels at home until today. His heart beats for Tech-House - and his productions prove him right with this choice! We are happy to present you the EP on Heimatliebe Records! Thunder Island. Sounds that take us to the sea, the sand under our feet and the sound of the waves in our ears. The vocals flatter themselves relaxed around the dress of clear tones and playful percussion.s A harmonious interplay of tempo, rhythm and synthesis brings exactly the drive that a successful Trag needs to serve the audience and its preferences. Multifaceted and full of energy, this creative masterpiece breaks all dams and calls the disciples of the dance floors together Take Me Back is the centerpiece of the EP. The vocals from Svenja Kluge sweep us along and send us into an energetic field that mentally sends us to a dancefloor in Ibiza. The synths are edgy, the grooves are lush and the tempo keeps our feet bouncing no matter what were doing. The irrepressible urge to leave the four walls and throw ourselves into the adventure of the night doesn't make us hesitate for a second - this track brings us back to the best time of our lives: summer, youth and love. Dancefloors of the south, get ready for ecstasy, Alex Lauthals is back! Thunder Island was remixed by the young Berlin DJane and producer FELIDAE. Her penchant for deephouse makes her the perfect partner for this musical child. Haunting, with dry claps she brings an intriguing tension and Berlin flair to our veins. Thunder Island sends us straight to the Oberbaumbrücke - a balmy summer night, the buzz of the city swinging through the streets and a befitting Aperol Spritz means our throats - kids, it's summer!