Julian Barazutti


Date: 29.10.2021


Artist: Julian Barazutti



Gloomy sounding, Ghostworld plays itself into our heads with a distorted bassline, clanging hi hats and spooky percussions. The alternating elements mingle with metallic sounds. Murmuring melodies wrap around the basic framework, while breathy, echoing accents set accents in the background. Ghostworld tells a story where humanity has succumbed to its own machinations and creatures of darkness and machines roam the empty land. An unreal world where ashes cover the land. And at the same time, once again, describes the ancient myth - how in the darkness a light is born. Distorted sounds, a snappy beat, agile and driving forward. The track Brainwash has a very special drive. The recurring vocal acts like a wake up call, bringing us back from the trance - only to send us right back there. Layer by layer, the listener recognizes the individual sections and loses himself in them. The wafting percussions in the background spiral up, only to drop again in the next moment and then take new momentum. Playful, at the same time strong and and with groovy, at the same time also technoid elements Brainwash brings a special character to this EP.