Linus Quick

the Void

Date: 26.11.2021


Artist: Linus Quick

The Void


Ear-catcher from the very first beat. Linus Quicks talent to reinvent himself again and again is reflected in this EP. A piece of music, varied, authentic and penetrating every fiber of the soulful facets of his music. In a time when art is struggling so much to find its raison d'être, this EP brings us another reason to believe in it. A piece of music that works uniquely in time with love and proves once again: Music can save lives and heal broken hearts. Emotional, varied and multi-layered as hardly any other artist, he takes us with a world far away from everything mundane. Thank you Linus Quick, for this special work. Voice of the Void has the groove that nestles around your soul like the embrace of a loved one. Laid back, loving and with the certainty that everything will be alright. The playful vocals wrap around the robust bassline, chunky synthesis and soft percussion create a soundscape that carries us ever upward on its clouds. Into the infinite emptiness of being, which is reflected in our souls. A smile creeps into my features as I write these words. Lightness and hope - what we all need so much - is what Linus Quick delivers to us in his new work of electronic music art. Gentle sounds waft to the surface from deeper layers and meet with claps and bass to create a slightly asynchronous sound that takes us away from patterns we know and have heard a thousand times. The guitar sides swing us into other spheres and make us forget the gloom that lay on our chest. An exciting play of digital and analog sounds that creates a modern understanding of producing electronic music. Linus Quick creates a natural balance that is both stimulating and calming to our system. A track to which we like to sway our hips on the dim dance floor, sit dreamily in the streetcar or just drift with closed eyes on a shallow Sunday afternoon. Feedback comes across as lush and powerful. The groovy vibe that the EP carries in itself also screws itself confidently and easily into the auditory canals on this track. An easygoing bassline is carried by the energetic keyboard, making your foot bob and your head nod. Teasing, cheeky and with a slight retro impact, the vocals lure the last grouch out of his corner with a wink. A track that, like talking to your best friend, breaks up the clouds and clears the sky. Sound material tracks sound like a like aStreicher-Equipe, are interrupted by a drum set, which brings the break to take a breath - to be immediately replaced by the demanding bass drum and thrown back into the fray. Magical, spun and incomprehensible. Aura spirals spherically upwards. A mixture as melancholy and the strengthening of faith in the world set in. The struggle of art for the right place in the world and the insoluble flame of love for music resonate in this song. The aura of this piece drives us on, gives us courage, and whispers urgently to us: it has never been more difficult to do the right thing, but it has never been more rewarding. An indescribable feeling, a light pressure with the message: "Come on, let's go. We're going on" rises in the chest and provides our insides with the humble thought of the transitoriness of life. And with this message the closing track gives us the best reason to live and love every day, every moment as consciously and gratefully as we can.