Linus Quick


HMTL041: Linus Quick - Fusion EP

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Heimatliebe Records



Linus Quick







The next Releas at Heimatliebe - and we are hyped! In this Release Linus Quick shows his artistic range and we are left with our mouths open. From deep house to electro classic mixed with Detroit to rich acid sound - this man is hard to beat in versatility and virtuosity. On the one hand, of course, this is due to his incredible experience as a DJ and producer. On the other hand, Linus Quick also has the courage to never commit himself to his art, to always be open to new inspirations and yet to remain true to himself. A man who goes his own way - and gives us one of the most extraordinary EPs of the year. A loose beat, then spherical sounds flow towards us like rays of sunshine through the undergrowth. All by itself, the head begins to bob, the body sways in the soft sound and waits eagerly for more. The piano organically joins in and, together with fine acid synths, brings this house track to a good-mood level that draws us onto the dance floor. Fusion combines what we love about music - organic instrumental sounds of piano and horns, tuned to modern synths and percussion that propel forward, yet are unobtrusive and light. A sense of lightness and sunshine floods the system with the sounds of this particular track. Earth Gravity is an exceptional piece of work and combines house with electro and Detroit. A special sound that creeps around our legs as light-footedly as the opener FUSION and sets them in motion. The playfulness of the high tones in combination with the partly raw synths and fine sounds, appeals to the mind and makes us prick up our ears. A very unique vibe that seems to come from another world. A groove that is unparalleled and can hardly be surpassed in nonchalance. Vocals from an alien star whisper secrets about the universe to us. Earth Gravity is one of the tracks that sends us to the stars. Brutal, full and without compromise - Acid Fun flies towards us at supersonic speed and knows exactly what it wants. Exstasy, fun and boundlessness. From the first second on, the track transports an energy that is unparalleled. So its not for the faint-hearted - and despite the speed, the deep acid synths and hard percussions, its anything but rough. Linus Quick knows how to give his productions a certain hardness without it slaying you. On the contrary, we have endless fun throwing ourselves into these waves of sound and letting ourselves be carried away.