Ralf Bohnert


HMTL042: Ralf Bohnert - Klanggeschichten (Album)

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Heimatliebe Records




Ralf Bohnert

Spotify: spoti.fi/3Aq4Kb2

Soundcloud: bit.ly/3Kwxu3M

Instagram: bit.ly/3NJkIQF

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Melodic Techno at its best. This is how you could summarize the album Klanggeschichten by Ralf Bohnert and an approach. Dark compositions with depth and heart. From the first track we are spellbound. Our hearing follows the sounds that wander, looping around the beats. An album full of mystical sounds and lush beats. Bohnert's compositions are full of dynamics and at the same time unexcited. This creates a clarity that naturally harmonizes with the tension in the sound. We dive into the fantastic world of Ralf Bohnert's beautiful mind of sounds and are happy that this work appears with us!