Ron Feller


HMTL043: Ron Feller - Tatra 

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Ron Feller






This EP from Ron Feller brings innovation - a special EP that takes us on a journey to foreign lands. Sound-wise, Modoveanu is hard to categorize, so playfully does Feller move through the different genres, weaving his own style in as if by magic. An unforgettably creative sound experience. Thank you Ron. Tatra is like the counterpart to Moldoveanu - it starts clear, gives a direction. This track is driving, at the same time possesses a restrained charm. The sparse sound carpets settle like fog over a jungle at MOrgengrauen. And we go on the LAuer, like the explorer who discovered the tiger. We want to get closer, but at the same time remain attentive so as not to miss a beat. Moldovenau propels us to a whole new level. Right at the beginning, when the strange flute sounds are introduced, it is clear - this track is not like the others. The essence of this composition is experimental.and just fun. The different sounds and interwoven vocals give us the feeling of being in a foreign land. Organic instrumental sounds, tempo changes and interjected claps and snaps keep us wide awake. Despite the playfulness, the track is lush and round, keeping us on the ball and wanting more.