Follow Me

HMTL044: Engelhardt & Lehmann - Follow Me

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Released by:

Heimatliebe Records



Artist: Engelhardt & Lehmann

Facebook: bit.ly/3odhY3L

Soundcloud: bit.ly/3RGqCVM

Spotify: spoti.fi/3Q3B8p6

Instagram: bit.ly/3oSc0pe

Follow Me - a clear call from the producer duo Engelhardt & Lehmann, which we are only too happy to comply with.

The duo from Raststatt is young, motivated and creative to the core. We are very happy that they are releasing their first album on Heimatliebe.

This Belgian-German creative duo is completely dedicated to melodic techno.

Classical elements meet spherical sounds and take us into the shallows of a unique sound world. Already from the opener track it is clear - this album takes you with it, closes you in its arms and pulls you into other dimensions. Strange and new, yet so familiar at the same time. An album that gives you goosebumps and carries you on a carpet of sound, far away from everything that is happening around you.

An album that sweetens the summer nights and runs in a continuous loop. We are looking forward to more. And now we float away to the sounds of this special album.