In Your Mind

HMTL045: FDTD - In Your Mind

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Heimatliebe Records



Artist: FDTD

Facebook: bit.ly/3bL46Lu

Soundcloud: bit.ly/3vRkzEE

Spotify: spoti.fi/3zItqd0

Instagram: bit.ly/3BV9HcQ


With this release From Drop Till Dawn shows all its quality. There is so much feeling and creativity in these three tracks that the whole record vibrates. We thank you for this beautiful release and float away on a wave of bliss.

From Drop Till Dawn settles directly into our auriculars with In "Your Mind". With its groovy beat, which is composed of organic drums and technoid percussions, this track plays in a league of its own. The vocals lay casually spoken over the rhythm, which is caressed by delicate synths here and there. Listening to it creates the feeling of an all-encompassing darkness, In which something begins to live, pushing outwards, a strong light that takes up more and more space, stirring us up and pulling us up.

"Side by Side" comes floating into our ears grounded, harmonious and almost romantic. Emotional vocals paired with masculine and feminine parts bring connection and a strong love vibe. Playful elements, a wonderful harmony of minimal and piano parts carry us on a cloud of feathers towards the horizon. True beauty without kitsch - From Drop Till Dawn shows us how.

Relaxed, uplifting, virtuosic - Stay works unexcited and with a lot of depth. Flat sounds slowly spiral up, meet clearly delineated, delicate drum elements - and let go. The result is a feeling of floating lightly across the floor as we move forward in a surreal dream world. The soundtrack for a journey into other spheres.