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Heimatliebe Records



Artist: EL3CTRIO

Soundcloud: bit.ly/3Lc334e

Spotify: spoti.fi/3de8rrg

Instagram: bit.ly/3qxXy6J

Facebook: bit.ly/3eD0xYC

YouTube: bit.ly/3RBdBMR


Fine, floating, delicate, airy, playful,


EL3CTRIO brings us with Cloud a fascinating EP, which is still looking for its equal. Dreamy, driving, delicate and absolutely danceable. But listen for yourself...


Clouds is not only a particularly magical track - the title is also perfectly chosen. From the first bar, this track takes us along, to lofty heights and beyond. Fine and floating, as if we were lying on a cloud and let ourselves be carried over mountain and valley, rivers and lakes. Further and further, far away from everything that seemed so big and important to us just now. Free of all pressure, Cloud allows us to let go and float away.


With Waves, we flow along in a disembodied state as if we had never done anything else. In this track, the beginning of the story from Cloud continues. It's as if our cloud, on which we float, has changed state and has now flowed to earth, becoming part of a river. The river carries us on, we feel the waves beneath us, the joy flows into each of our cells.

A euphoria overcomes us as we listen to these sounds, which embrace us like a gentle ribbon of water - clarifying and refreshing, like a summer night's swim under the stars.