Feel Love

HMTL051: Heidmann - Feel Love [SNIPPETS]

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Heimatliebe Records



Artist: Heidmann

Spotify: spoti.fi/2NVs2jp

Instagram: bit.ly/35qCaJe

Facebook: bit.ly/3H2eJUh

Soundcloud: bit.ly/33Ph7Q5


Oh yes - we FEEL LOVE! The opener of this EP is unexcited, harmonic and groovy without end. Heidmann knows how to create a sound space with a relaxed base, loose-floppy percussions and easy synths, which remains closed in itself and at the same time open for more. The delicate but powerful voice resonates from the background and seeks its place. Whether its for hanging laundry or the next house party, this track tickles right in the little toe and moves us to dance! Snappy, straightforward and honest - no, not the Tinder bio of your dream guy. But that's exactly the charm of "Second Life" coming around the corner. And it gets even better, this crisp start is joined by a buttery smooth voice that pulls us deep into the colorful goings-on of this track. Rhythmic claps underpin the flat sounds that slowly creep up, picking up speed like futuristic sirens, only to break again like waves on cliffs. This work really gives it to us - the second life and the desire to feel it with every fiber. Funky percussions, a straight, muted beat - that's how Sleepless starts. A synth wave pulls in on the horizon and pushes oh forward, rising like the sun and being taken over by the lively rhythm of the drums. This song takes you into a spell of passing lights in the darkness of the night. We can literally feel the melatonin leaving our system and the adrenaline of the waking hours tingling pleasantly on our scalp. Exciting, without overdoing it sensual, without cliché and powerful, without being overloaded.