The IIsolation


HMTL052 The IIsolation - Sleepless [SNIPPETS]

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: The IIsolation






Insomnia appeals to them, the figures of darkness, the dream dancers and night shadows. Dark, slightly threatening and ticking, the rhythm sets in, almost as if on tiptoe. The synths are reminiscent of the distant call of a train entering the midnight gray station, pulling the ghosts of the past day to the surface. After each break, a new layer emerges, giving the track more depth and space. The short breaks make us hold our breath in eager anticipation of the next cue, announced by a roll of thunder.

Seductive, familiar and twinkling like the stars in the sky of the longest night.


Sleepwalk rolls from the start. THe thumping from Insomnia is picked up again, the Class settling forward in pleasant contrast. The slight reverb in the wooden synths give the structure something organic, while the melody rises like a hopeful light. Something soothing emanates from this sound instrument, forms a nice contrast to the dry left start. And suddenly we are floating - as if on a breeze that carries us over the cloud cover, making us forget everything. A sublime feeling forms in the chest when the synths powerfully fill the spaces between the percussion and the claps kick in again. 

A journey through the subconscious sensations of our soul.