HMTL053 Sitzler - Tunnelblick [SNIPPETS]

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Sitzler





Tunnelblick - Playful, with a driving beat and fun percussion and impenetrable to the mind. A tribute to a special collective that brilliantly portrays the spirit of this movement. This track takes you on a surreal journey, into the twisted foxhole of the mind and never lets you go. Your foot bobs, your head nods and your thoughts slip away. Only one consequence remains: dance. Randomness of Love - A piece of work that in this world full of manifold love catches a message: Love is love. To experience it is beautiful, so beautiful that sometimes you think you are losing your mind. It is inexplicable and holds us together. The vocals give impulses to reflect on the greatest gift of mankind and to let oneself be carried by the sounds that mean the world. Dreamy, honest and from the heart - a work for love. NRG - the title says it all. This track has a dynamic that is unparalleled. The driving, dry bassline forms the basis. The spherical sounds, together with the vocals, create a world of sound that captivates you and wont let you go. A harmonic structure, paired with an exciting alternation of melodic and rhythmic, charged parts makes this track a special experience.