Anina Owly

Galopping Home

HMTL054 Anina Owly - Galopping Home [SNIPPET]


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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Anina Owly






Progressive and galloping the bass booms and takes us on a psychedelic ride. Clicking percussions provide a concise mixture and give us the necessary groove. A vocal mixes in before a synth intones the lead and thus the drive. Anina Owlys Galopping Home is different from the usually dark and technoid productions of the power woman from the south of Germany. Driven by her desire never to be forced into a pigeonhole, she likes to try out new things and thus redefines herself again and again. Does Galopping Home indicate that she has found a new home in a new genre? We cant answer that question yet. But Galopping Home will surely give you a good ride on the dance floor.