Black Forest Vol. 2

VA Compilation

HMTL056: Black Forest Vol. 2 - Various Artists

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Heimatliebe Records


We are proud to present you our second various Artist Compilation. With our compilation series "Black Forest" we want to introduce you to our artists from the Black Forest and especially give new artists the opportunity to release regionally and in their home country. Also to our loyal fans and our constantly growing community we would like to conjure a piece of homeland in the hearing and in the heart. Heimatliebe stands for the most beautiful and diverse region in Germany, the Black Forest. Mystical, charming and as multifaceted as the Black Forest is, as multifaceted are our artists and therefore our compilation. From Deep House to Techno everything is represented and for everyone a piece of music love on this compilation. The claim of Heimatliebe Records is to present the emerging electronic music from our homeland to the world and to show that the south of Germany is home to great musicians with a professional wealth of ideas. Heimatliebe Records is a platform for us Badeners, our friends and those who would like to become friends.