HMTL057: Bjørnson - Freddie

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Bjørnson






Bjørnson bringing back the heat!

After this endless winter this EP is the starting signal for the season. Here masterfully produced beats meet vocals that hit straight to the heart and beam us back to the here and now. Stable, fast-paced techno, acid-washed and with depth. It is unmistakably clear: this EP hits the zeitgeist and knocks us around the ears, what we need now. Clarity, depth a vision and the fiery energy of a time that couldn't be more breathtaking. Freddie fires forward. Without a moment's hesitation this EP opener takes off and we just want one thing: to dance! Sexy percussions lay over the distorted synths, acid washed out melody and ready is a track that just makes you want more.

The Voice brings with its retro sound exactly the message that we all sign: "I want to be happy, I love music, that' important to me. Happiness is the most important thing."

Without further open questions, it's clear: this track brings the dancefloor to boil. Ghosts of life enters with a crisp baseline, a fine sound rises like a side in the background and pushes forward. Claus and hihats increase the pressure forward and press in the most pleasant way all energy out of the head and off into the legs. Dark percussions bring depth and frame the message that touches our heart: "You will fail, you will lose. But: if I fall, I wann fall forward.To have something you never had, you have to do something you never did." 

One thing this track makes clear: there is no going back. The only way, the only direction is: onward, forward, now. Without compromise, with everything we have. Ghosts of life has such an energetic vibe that we have no choice - it goes through the ear directly into our bloodstream and releases adrenaline, serotonin, gives us the hormonal firing that finally gets us out of hibernation.The title announces it and describes the mood of the whole ep. It's time to wake up, stand guard and stand up for what's important to us. Like a crisp metronome, Revolution sets the pace for transformation, luring us and building in a spiral that is impossible to escape. Fine details fly into the sound picture, profundity brings metallic sounds that herald a new time. Something epic is in this sound, a deep rumble, a flash and the certainty: something big is happening here.