Life After Life

Sascha Barth

HMTL058 Sascha Barth - Life After Life


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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Sascha Barth






Housy, casual, driving. Sascha Barth knows how to create a stable track with little fuss. A clear bassline meets subtle effects that have an impressive impact. Life After Life has an auspicious mood that lures us out of our caves and awakens the anticipation of the open air season. Love it. 4 to the Floor, a distorted vocal, almost like the call of an exotic bird, followed by claps and soft percussions in the background. The name says it all, so STORMY BRAIN gives us the feeling of sitting in a drenched thinking apparatus, passing the nights on the dance floor and disappearing in a frenzy. Feel. Crisp, unagitated and minimalistic is how HALF HALBITZEL comes along. Nicely built up, this track rises until the first drop - here it dives, picks up speed and breaks through the surface. Here we experience a transformation in a class of its own as the track takes a new, darker and deeper direction that seems like magic. Let's dance.