Seismic Charge


HMTL060 Amodiak - Seismic Charge


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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Amodiak



Amodiak kicks off the EP with Seismic Charge - Seismic Charge comes with slightly bouncing bassline, claps with reverb give the space - here comes something special. The depth of the elements conjures up a three-dimensional experience that we want to dive deep into. High keys in the background drive the contrariness up in the most pleasant way, as the deep percussions in the background create this feeling of infinity among us. Minimalistic and precise, this track is a testament to a production that has been shaped to the optimum. Context - a track that bridges the gap between tension and a deep calm. The classic structure leads us into deeper and deeper levels, where we see ourselves surrounded by technoid and at the same time mystical sound effects. The tempo demands a bit, just enough to stir our insides in the best way - only to give us space in the next moment to freely associate what these sounds do to us. Without too many bells and whistles, Ammonia creates a multi-layered and intelligent creation here that stimulates our minds. Space Eggs gives us a clear direction of march. The beat - a classic four to the floor. The effects - understatement on the highest level. Not for a second do you want to listen away, you might miss the next exciting change in the composition. Space Eggs gives us a new feeling for space and time. Strange worlds appear before our inner eye and draw us out into infinity. And we never want to return.