Galactic Radio Noise

Linus Quick

HMTL062 Linus Quick Galactic Radio Noise


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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Linus Quick







Glactic Noise kicks off with a crunchy bassline accompanied by kicks that quickly merge with spacey percussion. The more planar synths come along deftly in acid vibes and roll together as a powerful combination towards their first peak. The bass gives room for the atmospheric elements. In this first pause, the track recharges, gaining momentum from its galactic orbit - only to push back up, deepen and expand into infinity.

Quick knows how to create a sound experience that draws us into strange universes.

Groovy and more soulful is Journey Into Me. Loose claps and high synths give us the feeling to float, while a landscape opens up below us, as we know it from our deepest dreams. This creates a melody that lifts us up and encourages us to look beyond the edge of the clouds and let go of the mind.

Profound and playful, grounded and horn-lifting. The elements are in breathtakingly beautiful tension with each other and together form a fascinating harmony.

Turn on - tune in - drop out. The Endless Night is a nice four to the floor baseline, a juicy clap, accompanied by rolling percussions and tinkling synths. Head and feet floating, we let ourselves drift and be pulled along by this homage to nights danced through, which you have to have experienced to feel alive. The minimalistic use of vocals highlights the delightful light simplicity expressed through this technically complex production. This track leaves you with a feeling of carefree nostalgia.

Sunset Dance carries summer into our souls. He casually gets in, the kick invites us to dance and we don't let ourselves be asked. With an inimitable nonchalance the pounding synths write themselves into the field in the background. The relaxed bassline flows carefree under the mesh of weightless bells, small bells in the wind of the balmy summer evening.

A track that carries the essence of the setting sun with its golden rays through our ear directly into our heart.