HMTL063: Sitzler - Limitations

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Sitzler





With LIMITATIONS Sitzler delivers an autobiographical reflection of his life.

Throughout the production flows the authentic pulse of this young artist for whom it is not enough to simply play music - he has stories to tell and you can feel it in every beat.

The reflection of his aimlessness resonates with anyone who, at one stage in their life, has thrown themselves into the long nights full of sound in search of something more than the ordinary life that society sets before us. This act of rebellion through excess and love of music is a journey that can lead us to ourselves.

Sitzler has gone through this process himself and realized that excess and the substances that come with it can also be a limitation - the real freedom lies in the love of sound.

With his work he not only shows the range he creates as a producing artist, but also gives insights into his soul. This humanity draws us into his spell.

We listen fascinated and with open hearts to the message of this young man, from whom we will certainly hear much more.