Ron Feller

HMTL064: Ron Feller - Andaluz

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Ron Feller






With this EP Ron Feller shows his deep understanding for harmonic and technically clean productions. Whether organic-playful or spacey-technoid - he rolls through these layers without losing his signature. Hats off Ron and thanks for this beautiful release! Loose and light like late summer clouds in a pale blue sky - thats how Andaluz floats into our auditory canal. Organic sounds, the percussions nestle up to the gently tugged synthi. And underneath it all, a peaceful rolling bass. Spanish vocals loop playfully around this lovingly produced arrangement. At just under seven minutes, this piece has a length that leaves enough room to immerse yourself. To close your eyes and listen to the artist's story. Andaluz carries us like a balmy summer wind and brings us once again the endless feeling of sun and salt on our skin. Chincero is exciting from the very first second. Technoid sounds in house style - this spacey piece is something for specialists. Groovy without being too casual, Chincero doesn't let itself be taken in. With patience and an open ear, a new subtlety can be discovered with every listen - a special piece that takes off from the halfway point and carries you to the stars. The synthesizer as warp drive, the claps set the direction. One swing with the orbit and the next moment we are weightlessly lost in time and space. Relaxed and driving, With You spirals clearly and like a high into our consciousness. Without a lot of frills and fancy stuff, but at the same time with a lot of feeling. The bass is rather restrained, the claps set the tone here. Humming vocals overlap with the synthesizer and set the melody that carries us on. And although there is no exact direction, we simply feel at ease "With You". The vocal flies in devoutly, telling of the most beautiful feeling in the world. If being in love has a soundtrack, then it is this honest sound that conquers our heart without much fuss.