In A Minute

Jan Noa

HMTL065: Jan Noa - In A Minute

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Jan Noa






Thank you Jan Noa for this harmonious and inspiring sound. With "In a minute", Jan Noa provides us with a track that feels like a luminous, warm filter over us. Halftime bassline and casual percussion wind around the vocal, which tells stories of life. Relaxed and at the same time atmospherically charged, the second half of this "longplayer" comes rolling towards us thanks to the distorted synthesizers. For me, In a Minute reflects exactly the mood of the world outside my window - departure, tension, at the same time still late summer and longing for security and love. Dont we all need a little bit of something good? An absolute feel-good track that massages the auditory canals and gives the soul room to vibrate. Slightly melancholic, the voice sings over spherical, flat sounds that are loosened up by soft claps and snaps. Melodic and harmonious, the claps set the right accents between the soft parts in which the vocal plays the main role. With "Something Good", we feel the sun a little warmer on our skin, the sky gets a little bluer and everyday worries disappear behind the horizon.