Digital Lavender


HMTL066: Therealalexgeiler - Digital Lavender

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Heimatliebe Records


Artist: Therealalexgeiler




Danceable beats, modern vocals and a snappy bassline, spherical vocals and acid-tinged percussions - with the opener, Modern Rhapsody, Alex sets the tone that makes the dance floor glow. The first drop confirms what is actually clear from the first bars - Modern Rhapsody is a dancefloor filler and prepares us perfectly for the dawning club season. The bass is snappy and massages our eardrums, but at the same time rolls let fair. Relaxed synthesizers meet loose percussion. Again, the vocal that brings that emotional uplift along with the treble. Unagitated and at the same time with a considerable tension momentum. Neon , Successful! We let ourselves drift. Just like that.

This part starts right away with a fire vocal - the bassline carries and doesn't need much. The percussions distorted with a loose reverb vibe, Red Storm grooves along stably. This track also makes you hungry for the dark dancefloors and bassy systems of our beloved indoor locations.

Digital Lavender, A small-fine melody on the keys, soft-knocking bass and a dreamy-feminine voice that brings us nostalgic vibes.

Digital Lavender also comes across as classic "electronic dance music" - in the best sense!

Turn on, head off, dance!