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Heimatliebe Records



Artist: The IIsolation

Spotify: spoti.fi/3ZQyw2R

Instagram: bit.ly/3D1YMxM

Facebook: bit.ly/3IXZMql

Soundcloud: bit.ly/3GUF8oq


Name is program. With "Tension" the first track of this release comes dark and powerful. Techno, how we love it. Stable bass meets finely tuned details.

The sound pulls us deeper into the black hole, makes us forget time and space.

Tense The Isolation sends us into a Rabbit Hole, which pulls us firmly under its spell.

The artist proves what he is talking about storytelling - he skilfully 

he skillfully uses his elements in such a way 

that we always have the feeling of walking towards an abyss that we desperately want to see up close - even though we can practically taste the risk on our tongues. 

A track that charges us up, brings us into inner turmoil and thus into motion.

With "Relief" The Isolation delivers the second part of an acoustic journey.

At the beginning still very dynamic and fast-paced, this neatly built up arc of tension loosens from the halfway point and gives us "Relief": like a knot that loosens, the sounds flow from the driving to another, flowing soundscape, which lies as a second layer over the bassline including claps.

A skillfully produced track that tells a story that is not only audible, but also palpable. Goosebumps!